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Walking the Path

Three Bridges Stroll Garden is accessible in all four seasons, be it a winter visit on snowshoes or a summer meander in sandals. Each season has its appeal. Winter offers wider vistas and clear footprints of the critters that inhabit the woods. In less than 2 weeks in the spring, the garden goes from the muddy browns of flood season to completely vivid green. Summer is marked by tall ferns. Maples, birch, beech and oak leaves add red, orange and golden hues during autumn foliage.

In all seasons, the giant moss-covered rocks punctuate the brook. The waterfalls can be heard year-round, as can the chirping of the birds chipmunks. The garden is frequented by deer, turkeys, grouse, woodpeckers, foxes and small birds. A heron was seen resting in the stream.

Pont de Pierre in Winter
Pont de Pierre in Summer
Pont de Pierre during Hurricane Irene
Stone Bridge in Summer
Stone Bridge in Autumn
Moribashi in Autumn
Stream during a Flood
Torii Gate in Autumn
Torii Gate during Ice Storm

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